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Q: How many zeros will be in the simplified expression 4x10?
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What is simplifying the expression?

Algebraic expressions contain alphabetic symbols as well as numbers. When an algebraic expression is simplified, an equivalent expression is found that is simpler than the original. This usually means that the simplified expression is smaller than the original. There is no standard procedure for simplifying all algebraic expressions because there are so many different kinds of expressions, but they can be grouped into three types: (a) those that can be simplified immediately without any preparation. (b) those that require preparation before being simplified. (c) those that cannot be simplified at all. <3 Tiffany ur welcome

How many solutions does 3u-73u-9 have?

None because it is an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: -70u-9

How many zeros will be in the standard form of the exponential expression 1O99?

I suppose you mean 1099. If you write it out, you get a 1, followed by 99 zeroes.

An order is placed for n items each costing p dollars and twice as many items each costing 9 dollars more. Write a simplified expression for the total cost of the order?

The expression is np + 2n(p+9). This can be simplified into 3np + 18n.

How many zeros are in on billion?

how many zeros in one billion

How many zeros in 18.75 Billion?

Seven zeros.

How many zero in 1 lakh crore?

12 zeros.12 zeros.12 zeros.12 zeros.

How many zeros are in a decilion?

33 zeros

How many zeros are in sextrillon?

there are 21 zeros

How many zeros in 127 million?

Six zeros: 127,000,000

How many zeros are their in 12 lakh?

how many zeros in 12 lakh

How many solutions are there to equation 17x-83x plus 16?

There are none because with out an equality sign it is not an equation but the given expression can be simplified to: 16-66x