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That's 2.4691 cubic yards. (rounded)

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Q: How much asphalt for 20x20 at 2 inches thick?
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How much asphalt do I need for 600 Square feet that is 4 inches thick?

You will need 200 cubic feet.

How much much would the material cost for a 2000 sq ft asphalt driveway laid 2 inches thick?


How much does it cost for recycled asphalt?

About $ 2.25 per sq ft for 3 inches of recycled asphalt.

How much asphalt needed to cover 50688 sq ft 4 inches thick?

50688 x 4/12 = 16,896 cubic feet of asphalt Asphalt weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot weight = 150 x 16896 = 2,534,400 pounds at 2000 punds per ton that is 2534400/2000 = 1270 tons of asphalt

How much asphalt does it take to fill a hole10' x 10' 2 inches deep?

How much in tonageA hole that is 10 ft x 10 ft x 2 inches will require 16.66... cubic feet of asphalt.

What is the formula to figure up how much asphalt you will need for an area of 27707 sq feet at 3 thick?

the formula for figuring out asphalt is.. L x W x D x 110 / 9 / 2000 = tons of asphalt. Where: L = Length in feet W = Width in feet D = Depth in inches 110 = a average weight of a square foot asphalt 1 inch thick /9 = convert to square yards /2000 = convert weight to tons So.. 27707 x 3 x 110 / 9 / 2000 = 508 tons.

How much will it cost to build a 20x20 building?


How much lumber will you need to build 20x20 shop?

a lot

How much concrete is needed for a slab 9 square feet and 4 inches thick?

A 9x9 foot slab 4 inches thick requires a minimum of 1 cubic yard. If you go to 6 inches thick you will need 1.5 cubic yards.

How much concrete will it take for a slab 10x16 feet?

If it is 4 inches deep/thick, 2 cubic yards. If it is 6 inches deep/thick, 3 cubic yards.

How much does ton ashalt weight three inches thick?

2000 pounds.

How much material is need for a cushion 36 inches x 72 inches by 4 inches thick?

3 yards @ 54'' wide