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An area 10 foot x 10 foot is 100 square feet. 100 cubic feet of sand would cover it with a one foot deep layer of sand. If the sand needs to be 6 inches deep, then 50 cubic feet are be needed, or 25 cubic feet if the sand is to be 3 inches thick.

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4 inches deep

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90 sq. ft. at 4 inches deep

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Q: How much sand is needed for an area 10 foot x 10 foot?
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How much sand is needed under an 18 foot swimming pool?

about 2 ton

How much sand for a horse arena?

4 inches deep would be the minium coverage of sand needed for a horse area

How much sand do you need to fill an area 16 foot diameter circle?

As you did not specify a depth, I can not provide an answer.

How much sand is needed to fill a 6 foot by 6 foot box 8 inches deep?

24 cubic feet . . . (6'x6'x 0.67')

How much sand is needed for 25'x13'x1.5 area?

18 cubic yards or 487.5 cubic feet.

How many bags of play sand are needed for a 16 x 16 foot area 1 inch deep?

That depends on the volume of sand in each bag. You'll need a total of 21.3 cubic feet.

How do you determine how much sand is needed to cover a 10 by 20 area?

use a known volume container to measure a quantity = 200 x (the depth you want the sand).

How do camels walk in such hot sand?

The camel has broad foot pads that spread out when it walks. These pads are similar to snowshoes in the support they provide to camels on soft sand. Horses have a much smaller area that does not expand. As they put their weight on a hoof, the horse's foot will plunge into the sand.

How much area will a 50 pound bag of sand cover?

1 cubic foot=100 lbs of sand 1728 cubic in.=100 lbs of sand 864 cubic in.= 50 lbs of sand 432 cubic in.= 25 lbs of sand and so on and so on

How much sand is needed for 12 x 22 above ground pool?

First question: Why do you need sand. and two: You need another dimension [such as height] to have area right?

How much sand does it take to fill a 12' X 12' X 2 area?

The answer will depend on the units for 2. Whether it is 2 inches, feet or something else. Assuming you mean feet, a 12 foot x 12 foot x 2 foot area contains 288 cubic feet. Sand is usually measured in lbs. One cubic foot of sand weighs about 100 lbs (see related questions below). 288 x 100 lbs = 28800 lbs. This is 14.4 tons of sand.

How much sand is needed to cover 324sq feet with 4inches of sand?

you would need 3 qb. yards of sand to cover that area L X W X .25 FOR 4 INCHES DIVIDED BY 27