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Suppose the distance is X kmthen at 40 km/h the car will take 60*X/40 minutes.

and at 50 km/h the car will take 60*X/50 minutes.

The difference between these amounts of time is 11 - 5 = 6 minutes.

So 60X/40 - 60X/50 = 11

3X/2 - 6x/5 = 11

15X - 12X = 110

3X = 110 and so X = 110/3 = 36 2/3 km.

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v = velocity/60 to get speed per minutes = vt = 40/60 x (t+11)s = vt = 50/60 x (t+5)since distance is the same 40t + 440 = 50t + 25010t = 190t = 19 minutess = 40/60(19+11) = 20 km

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Q: If a car travels at a speed of 40km hour it reaches its destination 11 minutes late if it travels at aspped of 50km hour it reaches to the destination5 minutes late how much distance it has to travel?
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