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No, most real numbers are not whole numbers.

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Not necessarily.

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Q: If a number is a real number is it a whole number?
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What is bigger a whole number or a real number?

Neither.For any whole number there is a real number which is bigger and for any real number there is a whole number which is bigger.

How do you find the real number of a whole number?

A whole number IS a real number so you do not have to do anything.

Is 4.5 a real number?

It is a real number, but it is not a whole number

Is every whole number a real number too?

YES. Every whole number is a real number too.

Is a whole number not a real number?

A whole number is definitely a real number! For example say you have the number 7. 7 is a real number, because it doesn't have any decimals or fractions! Hope that helps! A whole number is a real number. A real number can be a fraction, a negative, a positive number, rational, or an irrational number. A whole number is a positive number or zero.

Is 7 a real number rational number irrational number an integer or a whole number?

It is real, rational, integer and a whole number.It is not an irrational number nor an interger - there is no such thing!

Is 0 a whole number rational number irritational number or real number?

It is all of them except an irrational number.

What is the real number in 101.7?

The real number in '101.7' is 101. A real number is a positive whole number.

Is the sqrt 7 a whole number?

is the number 7 in real math a whole number

Is a whole number a real number?

yes mhm, because obviously if it is a number...than it's a whole number * * * * * The above is a bit back to front. A whole number is a rational number which, in turn, is a real number.

If a number is a whole number is it a real number?


Is a real number an a whole number the same?


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