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well each question is worth 3.3333333 points so multiply how many you got right by 3.333333 and that's your grade

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Q: If there is 30 questions in a test what is the grade?
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If there are 30 questions on a test and 10 are missed what is the final grade?


If you get 30 out of 63 questions on a test. What is your grade?

You scored 47.6% on that test. We have no way of knowing what grade the teacher will give for that score. But if it were up to us . . .

35 questions on a test missed 5 what is your grade?

That would be 85% (30 divided by 35) which is normally a grade of B. If you only missed 3, you would have an A-.

Is 19 out of 30 questions a good grade?

The grade is 63.

What percentage would you get if you missed 4 questions out of a 30 question 6 grade social studies test?

I think it's 86%

What are 30 questions that students can answer from Ramona's World?

*What grade was Ramona in? Fourth grade

What is your grade if you get 30 out of 50 questions?

60% or D-

What questions will be on the 5th grade CRT test?

Im scared what do i do

How many questions are there in impossible test space?

30 questions

How many questions do you have to miss to get an 80 on a 60 question test?

According to my grade calculator with a 60 question test your break point would be 30 for a D- and a 57 for an A+, so an 80% would 47 correct questions and that means you would get a B and that is missing 10 questions.

How many questions on fcat 2.0 mathematics test?

52 questions for 7th grade math

If you get 19 questions right out ig 30 what do you get?

When you get 19 out of 30 questions right in the sixth grade," that means that you need to get you grade or score up to @ least 27-28 out of 30 correct." If you have any other questions, please email me at :