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It depends on whether you count the first day in the 30 days.

If you have one cent and on the "first day" you have 2 cents, and as day 1 is equal to 21 then your value on day 30 is equal to 230 cents ($10,737,418.24)

This exponential function can be represented by the equation: f(x) = 0.01(2x) where x = the day number. If you plug in 30 for x, you get f(x) = 0.01×230 = 10,737,418.24

Here's a slower method of finding the answer:

Day 0 .01

Day 1 .02

Day 2 .04

Day 3 .08

Day 4 .16

Day 5 .32

Day 6 .64

Day 7 1.28

Day 8 2.56

Day 9 5.12

Day 10 10.24

Day 11 20.48

Day 12 40.96

Day 13 81.92

Day 14 163.84

Day 15 327.68

Day 16 655.36

Day 17 1,310.72

Day 18 2,621.44

Day 19 5,242.88

Day 20 10,485.76

Day 21 20,971.52

Day 22 41,943.04

Day 23 83,886.08

Day 24 167,772.16

Day 25 335,544.32

Day 26 671,088.64

Day 27 1,342,177.28

Day 28 2,684,354.56

Day 29 5,368,709.12

Day 30 10,737,418.24

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6 000 000

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Q: If you start with 1 penny and double your money every day how much will you have in 30 days?
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