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First you find 1/2 as a decimal: divide 1 by 2 and you get 0.50

Find 4/7 as a decimal: divide 4 by 7 and you get 0.57rounded

now you can find which one is greater. 0.57 is greater than 0.50 so 4/7 is greater than one half.

Alternately, you can convert both fractions so that they have the same denominator (the number at the bottom) and then you will see which is larger.

1/2 is equal to 7/14 (all we did here was multiply both the top and bottom by 7 - this keeps the fraction as representing the same amount because the relationship between the two numbers remains unchanged).

4/7 is equal to 8/14 (again here we have multiplied top and bottom by the same amount - in this case by 2). Now that we have both fractions written as fourteenths we can easily compare to see which is larger. 8/14 is larger than 7/14 and therefore 4/7 is larger than 1/2.

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-4.7 1/2

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Q: Is 1 half greater than 4 sevenths?
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Is two sevenths greater than one half?

2/7 is 3/14 less than 1/2.

Is 1 fourth greater than 2 sevenths?


Is 5 sevenths less than 1 half?

5/7 is 42.86% more than 1/2 .

What is gteater one fourth or two sevenths?

2/7 is greater than 1/4

Is 4 sevenths closer to 1 or one half?

1 half

Is five sevenths closer to one half or one?

5/7 is closer to 1/2 than to 1.

Is 7.5 greater than 1 half?

your question answers itself "Is seven and a half greater than a half" One is fifteen times greater than the other.

How much less than a half is three sevenths?

3/7 = 6/14, which is 1/14 less than 1/2

Is 04 greater than 1 half?

no its .46 less than half

Is 4over8 greater than half but less than 1?

No : 4 over 8 equals one half and so is not greater. It is less than 1 .

Is 2 sevenths closest to 1 0 or one half?

one half

Is three sevenths more than one half?

No, 1/2 is larger than 3/7. One half is equivalent to .50 and 3/7 is .43 rounded.