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No, it is not justified.

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Q: Is it justified to say that digital systems are unreliable and carries enormous risks?
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Are digital systems unreliable?

Digital systems are known to be somewhat unreliable. This is why it is important to keep a paper backup of information whenever possible. This is especially important for businesses.

What is the name of the device that carries digital signals?

modem is the device that carries digital signals

What is A telephone line that carries digital data from end to end and can be leased from the telephone company f?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) A telephone line that carries digital data fromend to end, and can be leased from the telephone company

How unreliable are digital systems?

Digital systems can be prone to failures due to software bugs, hardware malfunctions, cyber attacks, and lack of proper maintenance. However, with robust design, rigorous testing, and regular updates, the reliability of digital systems can be significantly improved. It is important to implement appropriate backup and redundancy measures to minimize the impact of potential failures.

Is transverse waves digital or analog?

Transverse waves exist in both digital and analog forms. The nature of the wave itself (transverse) is independent of whether the signal it carries is digital or analog. The modulation or encoding of the wave determines whether it is digital or analog.

Where can a digital copy of the song called LaLaLaLa be purchased?

One can purchase a digital copy of the song "La La La La" in a number of different places. iTunes carries digital music for use with Apple products. Amazon's website also has a digital store for downloading songs and music.

Is there analog audio in spdif?

No. S/PDIF carries only compressed digital audio, although it sometimes uses analog connectors.

How do you receive digital signals?

The carrier waves are electromagnetic in nature, and it is the modulation of them that carries the information. There are several methods of modulation, FM, AM, Pulse-code, and many more. The digital signals are modulated on the carrier wave. And digital signals should theoretically be more immune to interference than analog ones.

Does CVS carry an inexpensive blood pressure monitor?

CVS carries a $30 digital blood pressure monitor (cheapest digital one). You can find the same blood pressure monitor at a better price at Target or Wal-Mart though.

What is the difference between telephone telegrah and telecopy?

Telegraph can only communicate by an on/off method (Morse code), whereas telephone can communicate a complex waveshape. Interestingly, that means that digital communication preceeded analog.

What cable company carries ESPN U?

Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, Blue Ridge Communications, and AT&T U-Verse carry the ESPNU channel. Comcast cable also carries ESPNU under its digital cable tier package.

Does S-Video carry sound and pictures?

No, S-video carries only a video signal. You will require an additional connection to transport audio, either analog or digital.