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For one particular study, yes. But it is not possible for all data collection across the whole world for all purposes.

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No, each question must be evaluated to determine the appropriate method

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Q: Is it possible for all data collection to be made using the same method?
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The advantages of using 'observation' as a data collection method in linguistic research?

the main advantages of using observation as a method of data collection include the followingit is a fast method of collection of data as information obtained can be readily availableit is cheap compared to other forms of data collection as only observation and recording is donefirst hand information is obtained as the observer does not relay on someone else to provide the collected can be very accurate as the observer usually gathers the information that he or she desiresobservation method of collection of data saves time as it does not require details or questioning which may result to time wastage.

What is always a part of the scientific method controlled experiments or data collection?

data collection

What is research onion?

its a method of data collection and data analysis

What is considered before using secondary data?

relevance, consistency, method of collection used, validity, reasons for which the data were collected, reliability, completenes e.t.c

In the scientific method what step follows data collection?

analyzing the data

Which data collection method is not subject to non response bias?

experimental method

What is the next step in the scientist method following data collection?

analyzing data

What is the next step in the scientific method after follow in data collection?

analyzing the data.

What are the two main method of primary data collection processes?

What are the two main methods of primary data collection processes

Methods of collecting data?

There are many methods of the data collection: 1. experimental method in the laboratory 2. survey method

What are the essentials of the scientific method?

Observation Hypothesis Experiment Collection of Data Analysis of Data Sharing Data

What is enterview method?

It is the collection data. It is two types 1 primary data 2.secoundari data so. what is the INTERVIEW method . I am is political student in S.V.U Tirupathi