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Is there cheats for sponge bob battle for bikini bottom?

For all codes, pause the game and hold down L + R. You'll hear a sound to confirm a succsessful entry. Note that the codes must be entered very quickly.CheatEffectX,X,X,X,Y,X,Y,X,Y,Y,Y,YMax. HealthY,X,Y,X,X,Y,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,Y,X,X,YShiny Objects have more valueY,Y,Y,Y,Y,X,Y,X,Y,X,X,Yvilliagers and Co-Stars give shiny objects when you double-jump near themX,X,X,Y,Y,X,X,X,X,Y,X,X,X,Y,X,XHigher Difficulty levelY,Y,Y,Y,Y,X,Y,X,X,X,Y,YVilliagers give healthY,Y,Y,Y,Y,X,Y,X,X,Y,X,YVilliagers give shiny objects when hitY,X,Y,X,Y,Y,X,XInstant Cruise Bubble acquisitionX,Y,X,Y,X,X,Y,YInstant Bubble Bowl acquisitionX,Y,Y,X,X,Y,Y,X10 golden spatulas (repeatable)Y,X,X,Y,Y,X,X,Y1,000 shiny objects (repeatable)X, X, X, X, Y, Y, X, X, Y, X, Y, YCruise Bubble has Cruise ControlX, Y, X, Y, Y, X, Y, XAll Monsters in the Police Station GalleryX, X, X, X, Y, X, X, Y, X, Y, Y, XPantsless SpongebobY, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, X, X, XGiant PlanktonY, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, Y, Y, Y, YSmall Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. KrabsY, Y, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, XSmall People (Fishes)X, X, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, X, X, YAlways Shrapnel Death AnimationY, Y, X, X, X, X, Y, YInvert Camera Controls Left and RightY, X, X, X, X, X, X, YInvert Camera Controls Up and Down

What is y x -y?

(y * x) - y = y * (x - 1)

What is X squared - Y squared divided by X-Y?

(x2 - y2)/(x - y) = (x + y)(x - y)/(x - y) = x + y

What is the implicit differentiation of y equals sin x plus y?

y = sin(x+y) cos( x + y )[(1 + y')] = y' cos(x + y ) + y'cos(x + y ) = y' y'-y'cos( x+ y) = cos( x + y ) y'[1-cos(x+y)]= cos(x+y) y'= [cos(x+y)]/ [1-cos(x+y)]

What is the answer to Lenny conundrum 321?

1545(x-y)=3(x²-y²) (1545÷3)(x-y)=(x²-y²) 515(x-y)=(x²-y²) 515=(x²-y²)÷(x-y)

What is the difference of two numbers in algebra?

Given two numbers, x and y their difference is |x - y|. |x - y| = x - y if X ≥ y and |x - y| = y - x if x < y

What is the factor of the quantity x plus y squared?

X + Y (X + Y) ^2 = (X+Y)(X+Y) Factor = (X + Y)

What are some strategies that can be used to compare each pair of numbers?

There are two simple strategies to compare two numbers, X and Y: you can calculate X - Y. If X - Y > 0 then X > Y, if X - Y = 0 then X = Y and if X - Y <0 then X < Y. Or you can calculate X/Y. Provided both are greater than 0, if X/Y > 0 then X > Y if X/Y = 1 then X = Y if X/Y <1 then X < Y

If X plus Y equals 15 and X minus Y equals 5 what is X times Y minus X plus Y?

Your question is like this:X+Y=15, X-Y=5, (X x Y)-X+Y= ?According to my calculations, X=10 and Y=5, therefore (X x Y)-X+Y= 45.

How do you work out a percent of something?

1. Calculate X % of Y X per cent of Y = X*Y/100 This implies that X% of Y is the same as Y% of X. 2. X and Y are given. What is X as a percentage of Y? X, as a percentage of Y = 100*X/Y

X the power of 4 times y times x to the power of 5 times y?

x^(4)*y*x^(5)*yMultiply x^(4) by y to get x^(4)y.(d)/(dx) x^(4)*y*x^(5)*y=x^(4)y*x^(5)*yMultiply x^(4)y by x^(5) to get x^(9)y.(d)/(dx) x^(4)*y*x^(5)*y=x^(9)y*yMultiply x^(9)y by y to get x^(9)y^(2).(d)/(dx) x^(4)*y*x^(5)*y=x^(9)y^(2)To find the derivative of x^(9)y^(2), multiply the base (x) by the exponent (9), then subtract 1 from the exponent.(d)/(dx) x^(4)*y*x^(5)*y=9x^(8)y^(2)The derivative of x^(4)*y*x^(5)*y is 9x^(8)y^(2).9x^(8)y^(2)

What is the LCM of x and y is a multiple of x?

If y is a multiple of x, the LCM of x and y is y.

what is y+x?

X=Y x ?

What are the boolean theorems?

Commutative x + y = y + x x . y = y . x Associative x+(y+z) = (x+y)+z = x+y+z x.(y.z) = (x.y).z = x.y.z Distributive x.(y+z) = x.y + x.z (w+x)(y+z) = wy + xy + wz + xz x + xy = x x + x'y = x + y where, x & y & z are inputs.

Does x-y equals x square?

x-y=x² only if y = x - x²

If y ( x ) 4 x what is x when y ( x ) 4?


Is it y x or x y in Cartesian coords?

It is x, y.

How do you factor completely x square minus y squared?

(x - y)(x + y)

What is the difference of two positive numbers?

Let x and y be two positive numbers. The cases are: x > y, then x - y > 0 x = y, then x - y = 0 x < y, then x - y < 0

How does stirring affect rate of reaction?

So basically, when you stir a solution, it physically moves all of the chemicals around so the atoms of each are more evenly spread throughout the solution. imagine X represents one reactant, and Y represents the other reactant. Before stirring, they are mixed like this : X X X X X Y X Y X Y X Y Y Y Y Y After Stirring they are like this : X Y X Y X Y X Y X Y X Y X Y X Y X Y so more of the X molecules are next to more of the Y molecules so the reaction happens quicker.

What is the y and x intercept of x-y equals -3?

x - y = -3 -y = -x - 3 y = x + 3 y-int. = 3 x-int. = -3

What is the correct expansion of the binomial x plus y to the 6th power?

X + Y⁶X + Y * Y * Y * Y * Y * Y

Two integers have a difference of -11 and a sum of -3 What are the integers?

Two integers (X & Y). X+Y=-3, X-Y=-11. x=-11+y --> (x)+y=-3 --> (-11+y)+y=-3 --> y=4 x=-11+4=-7 Hope that helps! Two integers (X & Y). X+Y=-3, X-Y=-11. x=-11+y --> (x)+y=-3 --> (-11+y)+y=-3 --> y=4 x=-11+4=-7 Hope that helps!

What is y equals -x plus 3?

y = -x + 3 y - 3 = -x -y + 3 = x Therefore x = 3 - y

What does x - y?

In expressions such as "x-y", both "x" and "y" can have any value. The value of "x-y" will depend on what the value of "x" and the value of "y" are.