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Q: Is the gender a continuous or discontinuous variation?
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Is rose flower color continuous or discontinuous variation?


Is human skin colour continuous or discontinuous variation?

Natural eye colour is discontinuous. :) !

What are the different kinds of variation?

Continuous Variation and Discontinuous Variation.

Is hair color continuous or discontinuous variation?

Hair colour is continuous because there is a continual range of values when it comes to hair colour

Is a scar a discontinuous variation?

It is a continuous variation which is not by birth. It is an injury which will slowly change so a scar is a continuous variation.

What is continuous and discontinuous variations?

Continuous variation is variation without fixed values such as height or shoe size. Discontinuous variation has fixed values/catagories such as eye colour or hair colour. Hope this helps!

Is having a scar continuous or discontinuous?

I think it is continuous because you can measure the length of an hair, so to me the best answer is continuous variation.

Is having a tattoo continuous or discontinuous?

Continuous or might be discontinuous.

Is gender discrete or continuous variation?


What are two ways you could display variation data?

A chart would be good for continuous and discontinuous data, as for the environmental variation would be a diagram.

Is color of flowers an example of continuous variation?

no, as a flower is either for example blue or white, and cannot be something in between, thus its discontinuous variation.

What are the two kinds of variation within species?

yup!!!!! I know this one it's continuous and discontinuous radiation