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Nigeria is 923,768 km²
Texas is 695,662 km²
Therefore, Nigeria is bigger.

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Nigeria is 1/3 bigger than Texas.

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โˆ™ 2020-04-02 15:58:40

Nigeria 4 life better econemy and texas

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Q: Nigeria and Texas which one is more bigger?
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Texas and Nigeria - which one is bigger?

Nigeria is 923,768 km²Texas is 695,662 km²Therefore, Nigeria is bigger.

What states in the USA are bigger than Nigeria?

Alaska is the only one of the United States of America that is larger than Nigeria.

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US state that has the same geographical size as Nigeria?

Nigeria is approximately one-half the size of Alaska, but signigicantly larger than Texas, the second largest state.

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Texas is usually 7 hours behind Nigeria. Most of Texas is in the Central Time Zone. A very small part of the west Texas is in the Mountain Time Zone. That small part is usually 8 hours behind Nigeria.But Nigeria doesn't observe daylight saving time [DST] when the clock is set one hour ahead. During DST most of Texas is only 6 hours behind Nigeria. The part in the Mountain Time Zone is only 7 hours behind at that time.

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