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Nigeria is 923,768 km²
Texas is 695,662 km²
Therefore, Nigeria is bigger.

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Texas is only 3/4 the size of Nigeria.

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Q: Texas and Nigeria - which one is bigger?
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Nigeria and Texas which one is more bigger?

Nigeria is 923,768 km²Texas is 695,662 km²Therefore, Nigeria is bigger.

Is Texas bigger than Nigeria?

No, Texas is not bigger than Nigeria.NigeriaTotal 923,768 km² (356, 67 sq mi)TexasTotal 696, 241 km² (268,581 sq mi)

Which country is bigger England or Nigeria?

Nigeria is way bigger than England

What is bigger Nigeria or Japan?

nigeria idiot

What airlines fly from Texas to Nigeria?

what time is it when is 8am in texas what time is in nigeria

Is Nigeria bigger or Sudan?

Sudan is much bigger.

Is nigeria bigger than Sudan?

Sudan is bigger

What states in the USA are bigger than Nigeria?

Alaska is the only one of the United States of America that is larger than Nigeria.

What state in US is bigger than Nigeria?

Alaska is the only US state bigger than Nigeria

What is bigger in Texas?

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Is New York city bigger than Nigeria west Africa?

No, Nigeria is much bigger compared to the area of NYC.

How much is nigeria bigger than the UK?

Slightly bigger or two times bigger

Is Melbourne larger than Nigeria?

yes nigeria is bigger than Melbourne

Is Sudan bigger than Nigeria?

im saying sudan is bigger

Is Nigeria bigger than the UK?


Is Abuja bigger than Lagos?

No, Lagos is bigger. It is the largest city in Nigeria.

Is Texas bigger than Canada?

Canada is bigger than texas.

Is Texas bigger than Honduras?

everythings bigger in Texas :P

Is California bigger or Texas?

Texas is bigger by 104,901.72 square miles.

What is the origin of the Texas catheter?

because everything is bigger in Texas because everything is bigger in Texas

What is bigger France or Texas?

Texas is bigger than France and England combined. I live in Texas!

Which is bigger Montana or Texas?


Is Texas or California bigger?


Is Alaska bigger then Texas?

Alaska is bigger than Texas. Almost 2 and a half times bigger

Is Nigeria larger than Sudan?

no... Sudan is bigger