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The Answer Is 5%.

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Q: Sam uses 200 liters of water a day He saves 10 liters per day bye turing the tap of while he brushes his teeth By what percentage did he reduce his water consumption?
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A good is nonrival in consumption if?

its consumption by one person does not reduce its consumption by others.

How taxation reduce consumption?

taxation helps in having fear of more consumption because of chance of losing more money so people reduce consumption .

What material can one use to reduce fuel consumption in a rotary kiln other than fluorspar?

Acetone 100ml for every 40 liters of gasoline not more nor less this is the ratio.

Is there a device that reduce a fuel consumption in a car?

No, there is not. There are lots of devices that claim to reduce fuel consumption but none of them actually work. Not one.

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Drink less.

What is the percentage of pesticides in our food?

The percentage of pesticides in our food varies depending on the type of food and farming practices. Generally, the percentage is low and regulated by government agencies to ensure safety levels for consumption. Washing and properly preparing food can help reduce pesticide residues.

Reduce this by taking shorter showers?

By taking shorter showers, you can conserve water and reduce your water usage. This can help to lower your water bill and also reduce your impact on the environment by using less energy to heat the water. Shorter showers can also help to preserve water resources for future generations.

How do you reduce the fuel consumption in cars?

we want use cng

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In the modern age, production and consumption are at an all time high in Western Europe. The idea of getting back to a simple lifestyle should reduce both production and consumption after some time.

What are dietary goals?

these are the 6 dietary goals x "1) increase carbohydrate consumption to account for 55 to 60% of calorie intake; 2) reduce overall fat consumption from 40% to about 30% of calorie intake; 3) reduce saturated fat consumption to account for about 10% of total calorie intake; and balance with poly-unsaturated and monosaturated fats, which should account for about 10% of energy intake each; 4) reduce cholesterol consumption to about 300 mg a day; 5) reduce sugar consumption by almost 40% to account for about 15% of total energy intake; 6) reduce salt consumption by about 50 to 85% to approximately three grams per day."

Why do lorries have deflectors fitted?

To reduce the air resistance/drag acting against them and also to reduce the fuel consumption.

How do you stop binge drinking?

Reduce the rate of alcohol consumption sufficiently.