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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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12x - 9

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Q: The result of multiplying 12 by a number then subtracting 9?
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What do you get when you subtract a positive from a positive?

Depends. If you are subtracting a bigger number from a smaller number, such as 3 - 5, you will get a negative result, -2. If you are subtracting a smaller number from a bigger number, such as 12 - 3 you will get a positive result, 9.

What is the magic number on picking numbers 1-9 multiplying by 2 adding 12 subtracting 12 and dividng by 2?

Works for all numbers possible

What is the result of Writing a number down 1 through 9 then multiplying it by 2 then adding 12 to that answer then subtracting 4 from that answer then dividing it by 2?

The answer is the number you first wrote down plus four. Jeeze! That's hard! Is that like your homework or somethin?

What is the next number 3 6 4 8 6 12 10?

The next number in the sequence is 20. You are alternately multiplying the previous number by two and then subtracting two.

Multiplying by 2 has the same result as dividing a number by 52 and then multiplying by 12?

It won't work for all numbers. I tried with 1 and got a 0.230769...

What is negative 15 minus negative 12?

-3. Subtracting a negative number yields the same result as adding a positive.

What is 16 minus negative 12?

28. Subtracting a negative number gives the same result as adding a positive.

How do i solve six added to the quotient of a number and 3 is 18?

If N is the number, then 6 + N/3 = 18 Subtracting 6 from both sides: N/3 = 12 Multiplying both sides by 3: N = 36

What is an answer for increasing a number by 43 yields the same result as multiplying 6 by 12?

N+43=6(12) n+43=72 -43 -43 n=29

What can subtracting 4 from 12?

Subtracting 4 from 12 will equal 8, but it is also subtracting 1/3 of 12.

What is the product of 9 and 12?

A product is the result of multiplying two numbers. 9 multiplied by 12 is 108.

What is the inverse operation of dividing by 12?

Dividing by twelve is the same thing as multiplying by 1/12. Thus, multiplying a number by 12/1, or twelve, is the opposite (inverse) of dividing a number by twelve.

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