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It won't work for all numbers. I tried with 1 and got a 0.230769...

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Q: Multiplying by 2 has the same result as dividing a number by 52 and then multiplying by 12?
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Why is multiplying or dividing the numerator and denominator by the same nonzero number the same as multiplying or dividing the fraction by 1?

because of mathematical equivalence: it doesn't change the result

Why does the number of negative factors affect the signs of the product in math equations?

Multiplying or dividing a positive and negative gives a negative result. Multiplying or dividing two negatives gives a positive result.

How do you work out a percentage of something?

By multiplying the percentage number then dividing the end result by 100.

Multiplying or dividing vectors by scalars results in what?

The result is a vector.

Why is the answer to 8 divided by 0.66 exactly half of the answer to 8 divided by 0.33?

0.66 is exactly double 0.33. Since dividing by a number is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal, dividing by double a number is the same as multiplying by half the number. As a result, the answer is half as large.

Do 2 negatives equal a positive yes or no?

Yes, when multiplying or dividing two negatives the result is a positive number.

The quotient of two negative integers is?

It's a positive number. Here's the rule: In multiplication and division . . . -- If both numbers have the same sign, then the result of multiplying or dividing them is positive. -- If the two numbers have different signs, then the result of multiplying or dividing them is negative.

When multiplying two numbers with different signs the result will be?

Multiplying a positive and negative number will give a negative result. The result is a negative number.

What is the result of multiplying two number together?

The result is their product.

What is the rule for multiplying or dividing two numbers with the same signs?

In all of these cases the result is positive.

The result of multiplying when factors are the same?

A square number

Is a positive number divided by a positive number equal to a positive or a negative number?

When multiplying or dividing . . .If the signs of both numbers are the same, the result is positive.If the signs of both numbers are different, the result is negative.