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This means expressively with rubato. Rubato is when strict timing is relaxed and the musician can speed up or slow down slightly where they see fit.

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a slight holding back or pressing forward of tempo

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Q: What does espressive e rubato mean?
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What does Rubato mean in musical terms?

Rubato is a style where time is omitted in order to allow an expressive quickening or slackening of tempo.

In music what does rubato mean?

Rubato means "robbed time" in Italian, but in Music it means to play Freely.

What does rubato mean?

It describes how a piece of music is to be played. Andante means at walking pace and rubato means that the tempo may be varied for purposes of expression.

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What does adagio sostenuto ed espressivo mean?

I'm assuming this was at the beginning of a piece (?) I'm not sure what 'ed' means but if i were to assume that it means 'and' i would say it all means "slow, sustained, and expressive". i would generally put something like this on a piece for strings or horns or something. in piano,strings ect... you'll often see "espress." notated below or in the middle of the grand staff (unless you're specifying only the treble or bass). that kind of means to just play the instrument with more feeling, subtle excitement, character and expressiveness. some may hate me for saying this, but i usually look at it as a "rubato" for volume, if that makes any sense...but the emotion still has to be there or it doesn't work. :)

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Is it possible to have music with no beat?

Yes, it is called rubato.

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