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ln10 + lnX -ln2

ln10 + lnx/2


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Q: What is In10 plus Inx-In2 as one logarithmic?
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How would you explain logarithmic converter?

Logarithmic functions are converted to become exponential functions because both are inverses of one another.

How many meter in10 mm?

10mm is 0.01 meters. One millimeter is 1/1000th of a meter.

How do you change an exponential functions to a logarithmic function?

If y is an exponential function of x then x is a logarithmic function of y - so to change from an exponential function to a logarithmic function, change the subject of the function from one variable to the other.

Which one instruments you can solve logarithmic equations?

A slide rule.

What is a real world use of a logarithmic scale?

One of them is measuring earthquakes.

What is logarithmic quantizer or quantization?

In logarithmic quantization, one does not quantize the incoming signal but log of it to maintain signal to noise ratio over dynamic range. Dr Inayatullah Khan

Why the semi log was in linear?

Semilog (applied to a graph) means that one scale is logarithmic, the other not. The prefix "semi-" means "half" or "partially". The scale that is not logarithmic is, of course, linear.

How do you find the horizontal asymptote of a logarithmic function where x equals 7.5 and y equals 50?

One point on a logarithmic graph is not sufficient to determine its parameters. It is, therefore, impossible to answer the question.

A function that decreases proportionally to it's current value. The smaller the function gets the faster it decreases.?

The logarithmic function is one such.

How do we change from logarithmic form to exponential form?

Logb (x)=y is called the logarithmic form where logb means log with base b So to put this in exponential form we let b be the base and y the exponent by=x Here is an example log2 8=3 since 23 =8. In this case the term on the left is the logarithmic form while the one of the right is the exponential form.

What is 10 plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one?

Answer : 16

What is halflife about?

Half-life is the time it takes for one half of the radioactive material to decay. It is logarithmic, so after two half-lives, one quarter remains - then one eighth - etc.