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f(x)= axb


y= axb

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Q: What is a general equation of a power function?
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What is the difference between power functions and exponential functions?

A power function has the equation f(x)=x^a while an exponential function has the equation f(x)=a^x. In a power function, x is brought to the power of the variable. In an exponential function, the variable is brought to the power x.

What the difference between an exponential equation and a power equation?

y = ax, where a is some constant, is an exponential function in x y = xa, where a is some constant, is a power function in x If a > 1 then the exponential will be greater than the power for x > a

Can functions have more than one answer?

No. In fact, a function can't have an answer at all, because it's not a question.An equation has an answer, and possibly more than one.In general, an equation is in the form of (one function) = (another function).(One of the functions may be zero or a constant.)

How do you know if an equation is a linear function?

A linear function has and x and a y and neither one is raised to a power other than 1.

What makes a function linear?

Neither variable appears anywhere in the equation in a denominator, or raised to any power except the first power.

Is this equation a function y equals 3squared plus 2x minus 3 is this a function?

You can tell if an equation is a function if for any x value that you put into the function, you get only one y value. The equation you asked about is the equation of a line. It is a function.

The equation AX plus BY is the general equation for a?

AX + BY is not an equation .AX + BY + C = 0is the general equation for a straight line.

What determines whether the graph of the quadratic function will open upward or downward?

The slope of your quadratic equation in general form or standard form.

An equation that describes a function?

a function rule

Is a linear equation the same as a function?

No a linear equation are not the same as a linear function. The linear function is written as Ax+By=C. The linear equation is f{x}=m+b.

How do you know if an equation is exponential?

Basically, in an exponential expression (or equation) you have the independent variable in the exponent. For example: 5 times 10x The general form of an exponential function can be written as: abx or: aekx where a, b, and k are constants, and e is approximately 2.718. Note that just having a power doesn't mean you have an exponential equation. For example, in x3 the variable does NOT appear in the exponent, so it is not an exponential expression.

If a function is defined by an equation explain how to find its domain.?

The set of all values of x, for which the equation is true is the domain of the function defined by that equation.