An equation that describes a function?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a function rule

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Q: An equation that describes a function?
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What equation describes the cosine function for a right triangle?

mathematical equation

What statement describes the equation y equals 12x?

A function.

What best describes a linear function?

A linear function is a function, or equation, that when graphed, will form a straight line.

what is wave function?

The official definition for the word wave function is "a function that satisfies a wave equation and describes the properties of a wave."

Which equation describes the tangent function for a right triangle?

tan (0) = opposite/adjacent

Which equation describes the sine function for a right triangle?

sin(0) = opposite/hypotenuse

What linear equation describes the linear function 2x-6?


What is it called when an equation describes a function?

I don't think there is a special name for that. Note that not all functions can be described by a single equation - at least, not in a natural way. For example, a function may be described by parts.

What statement describes the function c equals 5g plus 8?

It is an equation in two variables, c and g.

Is this equation a function y equals 3squared plus 2x minus 3 is this a function?

You can tell if an equation is a function if for any x value that you put into the function, you get only one y value. The equation you asked about is the equation of a line. It is a function.

Is x2 plus y2 equals 4 a function?

No. By definition, a function has a single unique value for every value passed into it. The equation given here describes a circle, which can not be rearranged to meet this condition.

What is the difference between a linear function and a quadratic equation?

A linear equation describes a line like 2x+1=y. If you were to graph that equation, then it would give you a line. A quadratic equation is like x^2+2x+1=y. Graphing this equation would give you a U shaped graph called a parabola.