What is a lineal meter?

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The term lineal meter is used to describe the nominal length of an item.

For example carpet maybe produced on a loom perhaps 4m wide. A lineal meter of carpet would be 1m long x 4m wide. Thus 4 lineal meters of this particular carpet would cover 16 square meters.

In a similar fashion timber is often sold by the lineal meter which describes the cost per meter of length of the board. The board would have a width and if you were to the purchase timber to build a deck you would need to calculate the number of lengths of boards to cover the area of deck having taken into account the width of the board. When ordering you would ask for X lineal meters of the particular board.

Obviously its important to know the particular specifications of the material you intend to use. For example not all carpet is produced on a 4m loom and so it is important to understand the effect of substituting different materials so that a material shortage or wastage does not occur.

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39 inches

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Q: What is a lineal meter?
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