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Conventionally, on a coordinate plane, angles at the origin are measured in the anti-clockwise direction from the x-axis. So, an angle of -45 degrees is an angle of 45 degrees from the x-axis, but measured in the clockwise direction. This makes it an angle going down to the right form the origin (in quadrant IV) instead of in quadrant I.

You can add 360 (or multiples of 360) to a negative angle get a positive angle.

Thus, -45 is equivalent to -45 + 360 = 315 degrees

or -190 is equivalent to -190 + 360 = 170 degrees

but in doing so, you will lose information on how many whole turns were made before reaching that angle. That may or may not matter - depending on circumstances.

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Q: What is meant by a negative angle Say -45 degree or -190 degree?
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What angle is 190?

A 190 degree angle is a reflex angle.

What do you call a 190 degree angle?

It is a reflex angle.

How do you make a protractor go to 190 degrees?

In order to make a 190 degree angle, you should subtract 190 from 360. This gives you 170. Draw this angle, and the outer angle is the 190 degrees that you need.?æ

What is a angle called that is over 190 degrees?

An obtuse angle. There cannot be an angle with more than 180 degrees so it starts to count backwards when it hits 180. So instead of having a 190 degree angle, you have a 170 degree angle.

What is a 190 degree angle?

190 degrees is bit more than a straight angle. If you look at a clock face with the minute hand at 312/3 minutes, then going from 12 o'clock to the minute hand makes an angle of 190 degrees.

What type of angle is 190?

An angle of 190 degrees is a reflex angle

What is an angle measured 190 degrees?

A reflex angle

What is the opposite side of a reflex angle?

A reflex angle is one that is more than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees. If the reflex angle measured 190 degrees, then there would be a 170 degree, or obtuse, angle opposite it. If the reflex angle measured 270 degrees, then there would be a 90 degree, or right, angle opposite it. If the reflex angle measured 300 degrees, then there would be a 60 degree, or acute, angle opposite it. It helps to draw or picture these angles as sectors of a circle.

What angle is 190 degrees?

It is 10 degrees more than a straight line so its a reflex angle.

Is 190 degrees is an example of an obtuse angle?

No, it is a reflex angle

Can one angle in a right triangle measure 100 degrees?

No, because a triangle's angles can only measure up to 180 degrees. A right angle is 90 degrees, plus another 100 degree angle would be 190 degrees.

What is the angle sum of a pentacontagon?