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The answer depends on what you wish to calculate.

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503 square feet is 55.89 square yards. Multiply that times the cost and you the $1,841.53. And you need to account for specific sizes and shapes.

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Q: What is the calculation if Material is 32.95 a linear yard If your room is 503 square feet how do you calculate?
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How to calculate linear square feet?

There are linear feet, and square feet, but no "linear square feet".

What is 30 square feet to linear feet material is 2 wide and 96 inches long?

To find the linear feet needed for 30 square feet of material that is 2 feet wide, you would first calculate the total area in square feet, which is 30 square feet. Then you would divide the total area by the width (2 feet) to find the length in linear feet. In this case, with a material that is 2 feet wide and 96 inches long, you would need 15 linear feet for 30 square feet of material.

Calculate square feet from linear square feet?

Feet can't be converted to square feet. Feet measure length, while square feet measure area.

Covert linear meters into square meters?

To convert linear meters to square meters, you need to know the width of the space in meters. Multiply the length in linear meters by the width in meters to get the area in square meters. This calculation gives you the total area of the space.

What is the calculation of linear to square root?

There isn't one Linear is only length one foot long square foot is an area with width X breadth measured in inches or feet equaling 1 square foot ,

How to calculate linear square footage?

You cannot have linear square footage because: "linear" means the measurement is 1-dimensional. "square" means the measurement is 2-dimensional. The above two statements are mutually contradictory!

How do you calculate btu per square foot?

Divide the heat loss or gain obtained by the load calculation by square footage of the building.

If you have 90 square yards of carpet how many linear feet will that cover?

You can't calculate linear footage based on square yardage alone. If you meant square footage it will cover 810 sq. ft..

How do you calculate 40 linear feet with 6 inches high?

20 square feet.

How do you calculate linear feet to square yards?

The two are different units of measure. Linear feet is a distance BETWEEN two points. Square yards is an AREA, such as the area of a living room. Linear feet is one dimensional. Square yards is two dimensional.

What is the calculation of a square lot?

That depends what you want to calculate. To calculate the area, for a rectangular lot, just multiply length x width; in the special case of a square lot, this becomes length x length, or length square.

How do you convert linear meters to squate meters?

To convert linear meters to square meters, you need to know the width of the material in linear meters. If the width is 1 meter, then 1 linear meter equals 1 square meter. If the width is different, you would multiply the width by the linear meters to get the square meters (Square Meters = Width x Linear Meters).