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10-2 = 0.01

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Q: What is the decimal notation of 10-2?
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What is the decimal notation of 3.159 x 102?

3.159 x 102 = 315.9

What is the value of 300 x 108 when written in decimal notation?

300 * 108 = 32400 (3 * 102) * (1.08 * 102) = 3.24 * 104

What is the scientific notation of 0000748?

7.48*102 ( ignore the noughts to the left of 7 unless it was a decimal number)

How do you write 150 as scientific notation?

150 can be written as 150.0. Then, move 2 decimal places to the left, and in scientific notation, we have: 1.5 x 102

What is 150 in scientific notation?

Your 150 will be 1.50 x 102 in scientific notation. In scientific notation, we will see only one digit to the left of the decimal, and the other digits will appear on the right. And we'll see the "location" or "position" of the decimal set by a power or ten.

What is 101000 in scientific notation?

If the pont is a decimal point, then 1.01*102 If the point is a thousand separator, then 1,01*105 where the comma (,) stands for the decimal "point".

What is the scientific notation used for 920?

From the starting point of 920.0, shift 2 decimal places to the left. Therefore, the number in scientific notation is: 9.2 x 102

What is the scientific notation for 700?

The scientific notation of 700 is 7.0*102. It is 7 times ten to the power of two because you move two decimal places to the right.

When you move the decimal place to the left to convert a number to scientific notation will the power of ten be positive?

No it will be negative.AnswerIf you convert 100 to scientific notation you have to move the decimal point 2 places to the left. 100 --> 1.00 (this, by the way. is called the mantissa) so the power of ten is 102. When you move the decimal point to the left, the exponent will be positive. 100 = 1.00 x 102.

What is scientific notation of 101 and 5?

5 in scientific notation would be 5 x 100. This is because you wouldn't have to move the decimal. With 101, you would have to move the decimal to the left two places in order to convert it to scientific notation. It would be 1.01 x 102.

156.9 in scientific notation?

Move 2 decimal places from the starting position [so the exponent of base 10 is 2.]. Then, the term in scientific notation is: 1.569 x 102

How do you write 100 in scientific notation?

100 is same as 100.0. Move 2 decimal places left from the starting point, and therefore 100 in Scientific Notation is 1 x 102