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Any variable can be the independent variable. It depends partly on what the dependent variable is, partly on the relationship you are examining.

For example, if looking at age and length of children's feet, foot length would be considered the dependent variable. But if looking at foot length and shoe size, then foot length would be the independent variable.

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The Independent Variable is something that can be changed in an expierment.

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What the researcher controls directly

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Q: What is the independent variable?
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What is the manipulating variable the dependent variable or the independent variable?

The independent variable.

Independent and independent variable in sentence?

Changes in the independent variable are independent of changes in any other variable,

The variable which is deliberately changed in experiment?

Independent, it is in the name, more variables are: dependant variable- the one you keep the same control variable- mearsuring variable

What is the test variable (independent variable) in the experiment?

The independent variable.

What is the diffrence between dependent variable and independent variable?

the dependent variable changes with the independent variable. the independent variable only changes when changed by the experimenter. Time is usually an independent variable.

What is the dependent and independent in a experiment?

The independent variable of an experiment is the variable that you change, and the dependent variable is the result of the independent variable.

Does the independent or dependent variable change?

The Independent variable is the one you control. The dependent variable is controlled by the Independent Variable.

Why do you called independent variable independent variable?

because it is independent

Independent and dependent variable?

Math: Independent variable is what you change. Dependent variable is what you measure.

What is an independent variable in math?

An independent variable is a factor that doesn't rely on anything, unlike the dependent variable (which relies on the independent variable). The most common independent variable is time.

What is a Factor that is deliberately changed in a experiment?

the anwer is a variable( the thng that will change over time in the experiment

Is a predictor variable synonymous to an independent or dependent variable?

Independent Variable.