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The definition is never ending.

It simply can mean forever and ever.

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Q: What is the math definition of infinity in math?
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Is infinity divided by infinity 1?

Infinity is not a defined number. It describes, in math, the endlessness of numbers.

What does a sideways 8 in math represent?

it's the symbol for infinity

Is infinity zero?

Infinity cannot, by definition, be a defined number such as zero.

What is difference between uncountable adn infinity?

The Webster's definition of infinity is an endless amount. The Webster's definition of uncountable is inconceivably numerous. However, infinity is the proper term to be used in mathematics.

What is the definition of infinity?

the concept of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound is called infinity.

What does the math term infinity means?

countless and ongoing

What is the math term that means that numbers go on forever?


What is a set of points that are endless in both directions in math?


How many digits would infinity have?

The very definition of infinity means there is no specific number. Infinity means without end or without a limit.

Is negative infinity times negative infinity positive infinity?

I would think so because using the negative math rules it would seem so

What is infinity add infinity add infinity add infinity?

As Infinity means to be without end, adding infinity to infinity to infinity would not change that. Adding infinity to an infinity would be Infinity itself. However, this could change if other mathematical processes are done. ================================== When real math people run into the thing we call "infinity", they call it "undefined". It's not a number, and it doesn't participate in the operations of arithmetic like numbers do. So technically, this question describes a process that doesn't exist in math. A lot like asking "What is cow add stick add temperature add democracy ?"


EASY I lied 8 on it side is infinity so the answer is clearly INFINITY TO THE POWER OF 2 Math !