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A projection.

A net is the other way around: a 2-d pattern that can be folded into a 3-d shape.

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2012-11-08 22:25:19
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Q: What is the name of a 2 dimensional pattern that you make from a 3 dimensional product when it is folded?
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What is a net for a square?

A net is a two dimensional pattern that can be cut out and folded to make a 3-dimensional [solid] shape. A 2-dimensional shape, such as a square, does not have a net!

What is the two dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a 3d figure?

A net.A 2-dimensional pattern that you can fold to make a 3-dimensional figure is called a net.For instance, make a letter 'T' out of 6 squares. The vertical part of the T has 4 squares, and the horizontal part has 3 squares (one square is common to both) . This net can be folded to make a cube.

You can make a two dimensional of a three dimensional figure?


What is a pattern of plane figures folded to make a geometric model called?

A net.

What is the net of a triangular prisim?

A net is a two-dimensional figure which can be folded into a three-dimensional figure. It's a little difficult to describe in words . . . To make a regular triangular prism, start with a rectangle, and divide it into three equal (narrow) rectangular strips. on the two ends of one of these strips, make equilateral triangles.

When you are knitting do you have to follow the pattern?

you have to follow the pattern that they give you if you want to make your product. but you do not have to use the same colors

What is a flat pattern that can be folded to make a solid figure is a?

It is often referred to as a "net." In higher-level mathematics, especially topology, the word "surface" can be used.

Make a sentence with the word dimensional?

A painting is a two dimensional artwork; a sculpture is a three dimensional artwork.

Where you can buy a folded steel katana that has been folded 200 times?

Nowhere. Stop believing movies are real. Folding modern steel doesn't make it better, anyway. 16th-century steel sucked and it was folded to make it suck less.

How do they make three-dimensional films?

== ==

What is network of folded membranes that helps make protein?


What two dimensional shape is made out of a polyhedron?

None. A polyhedron is 3 dimensional and you cannot make a 2 dimensional shape out of 3D shapes.

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