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3/5 is the answer i got

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Q: What is the percent and fraction of 06?
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Related questions

What is 6 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

.06 and 6/100

Change 6 percent to fraction?

6 percent is .06 or 6/100, or reduced 3/50.

Percent as a fraction?

To change a percent into a fraction, divide the percent number by 100, and if you can, simplfy the fraction.

.06 equals what fraction?

.06 = 3/50 as a fraction in its simplest form

How do you simplify a percentage into a fraction?

The word percent literally means, out of a hundred. 53% is .53 and 6% is .06, etc.

What is changing a fraction to a percent called?

Converting a fraction to a percent.

How do you change 47 percent into a fraction?

47 percent into a fraction = 47/100 in fraction

What is -.06 as a fraction?

- .06 as a fraction is - 6/100. In simplest terms it is - 3/50.

What is 100 percent of a fraction?

the fraction

What is 19.2 percent as a fraction?

19.2 percent as a fraction is 24/125.

What is 64.5 percent as fraction?

64.5 percent as fraction is 129/200.

What are 0.1666 fraction and percent?

The fraction is 1/6 and the percent is about 16.667%.

What is 32.14 percent as a fraction?

32.14 percent as a fraction is 1607/5000.

What is is 90 percent as a fraction?

90 percent as a fraction is 9/10.

What is the 75 percent to a fraction?

75 percent to a fraction is 3/4.

45 percent in a fraction?

45 percent in a fraction is 9/20.

What is 0.03 percent in a fraction?

0.03 percent in a fraction is 3/10000

What is the fraction for 6 percent?

The fraction for 6 percent is 6/100

What is fraction for 39 percent?

Fraction for 39 percent is 39/100

What is fifteen percent as a fraction?

fifteen percent as a fraction is __15___ 100

What is 50 percent as fraction?

50 percent as a fraction is 1/2.

What is 17.00 percent as a fraction?

17.00 percent as a fraction is 17/100.

What is 32 as a fraction and a percent?

As a fraction, 32/1. As a percent, 3200%.

How do you turn w percent to a fraction?

how to turn 15 percent into a fraction

What do you do when a fraction is a percent?

A fraction can't be a percent. They are totally different things.