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The perimeter of a closed shape is its the lengths of all of it's sides added together. 8+6+2+5+3+8=32 cm. xx effy

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Q: What is the perimeter for 8cm 6cm 2cm 5cm 3cm 8cm?
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What are the partner lengths for 7 centimeters?

1cm + 6cm, 2cm +5cm, 3cm + 4cm all the partners that add up to 7cm.

What is the volume of a book if you has the following measurements length 5cm width is 2cm and the height is 6cm?

5cm x 2cm x 6cm = 60 cubic cm.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 5cm with a width of 6cm?

The perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 5cm wit a width of 6cm is 22cm

What is the perimeter of a rectangle of 6cm by 3cm?


6cm by 2cm What is the perimeter?


How do you work out the volume of a cuboid 5cm by 3cm by 6cm?

90 cubic cm

What is the area of 2cm 2cm 4cm 6cm 2cm 2cm 4cm?

It is impossible to answer this question because the question could refer to an object in 7-dimensional hyperspace or it could be an irregular heptagon (or other possible shapes in 3, 4 5 or 6 dimensions). In anything but 7-d space, its exact shape is indeterminate and so the area cannot be calculated. To understand the indeterminacy, a 2cm + 2cm + 2cm + 2cm shape could be a rhombus or a square, and these will have different areas. Without the angles, there is no way of knowing which.

What are all the possible rectangles with a perimeter of 30cm and sides whose lengths are whole numbers?

Dimensions are given out as length by width 14cm by 1cm 13cm by 2cm 12cm by 3cm 11cm by 4cm 10cm by 5cm 9cm by 6cm 8cm by 7cm And the rest is all repeats of the above.

Show you 2 rectanglesthat have the same area and different perimeter?

A rectangle with sides of 1cm and 6cm has an area of 6 cm2 and a perimeter of 14 cm. A rectangle with sides of 2cm and 3cm has the same area but its perimeter is 10 cm.

Find the greatest possible error and the percent error for each measurement 3cm 6cm 36.85g?


What is a rectangle's measurement if its perimeter is 24 cm?

The answer varies. If by measurement you are seeking the length of the sides, then in whole numbers, the lengths (dimensions) would vary as follows: 1cm x 11cm (1+11+1+11 = 24) 2cm x 10cm 3cm x 9cm 4cm x 8cm 5cm x 7cm 6cm x 6cm

How does a net of a cuboid with dimensions 5cm by 3cm by 6cm look like accuratly with labels?