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The answer varies.

If by measurement you are seeking the length of the sides, then in whole numbers, the lengths (dimensions) would vary as follows:

1cm x 11cm (1+11+1+11 = 24)

2cm x 10cm

3cm x 9cm

4cm x 8cm

5cm x 7cm

6cm x 6cm

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Q: What is a rectangle's measurement if its perimeter is 24 cm?
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How many rectangles have a perimeter of 36 cm?

There is an infinite number that can have that perimeter

How many rectangles can be drawn with 38 cm as the perimeter?

There would be an infinite number of rectangles possible

How many different rectangles have a perimeter of 48cm?

Infinitely many. Select any number, L, such that 12 < L < 24. Let W = 24 - L. Then a rectangle with sides of length L cm and width W cm will have a perimeter of 48 cm. And since the choice of L was arbitrary, there are infinitely many possible values of L and thence infnitely many rectangles.

How many rectangles can you find with a perimeter of 20 cm?

perimeter = 2 (b+h) = 20 there are an infinite number of rectangles that meet the requirement

If a rectangles area is 12 cm squared what is the perimeter?


What are the 5 20 cm rectangles in perimeter?

2*(5 + 20) cm = 2*25 cm = 50 cm.

What is the area of a square formed by six rectangles, given that the total perimeter of the six rectangles is 330 cm?


What is the length of a regular hexagon if its perimeter is 24 cm?

The edge length of a regular hexagon with a perimeter of 24 cm is 24/6 = 4 cm

What is the perimeter of a rectangle if the rectangle inside the size of them is 21 sq cam 33 sq cm and 35 sq cm ehat is the 4th rectangles perimeter?

the answer is 11 sq cm

Possible rectangles with a perimeter of 18 cm and whole-number lengths of sides?


How many rectangles each having a perimeter of 36 cm can be drawn?

Depends what you are drawing on.

What is the perimeter of an equilateral heptagon with each side measuring 24 cm?

Perimeter = 7*24 = 168 cm