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The perimeter of a quarter circle is 2 radii plus a quarter of the circumference of the whole circle:

→ 2 × radius + ¼ × 2 × π × radius = 32.13 cm

→ radius × (2 + π/2) = 32.13 cm

→ radius = 32.13 ÷ (2 + π/2) cm ≈ 9.00 cm

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It is 8.998 cm.

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Q: What is the quarter circle's radius if the perimeter of a quarter circle is 32.13 centimeters?
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What do you call a circle within the perimeter of another circle but they are not concentric?

Eccentric circles.

What is the perimeter of quarter circle?

The arc is one quarter of a circle so is 2pir, the other components of the quarter circle are the two radii, so perimeter is 2r+2pir = 2r(1+pi)

How quarter circles equal a whole circle?


What is the perimeter of a square in centimeters circumscribing a circle of radius a centimeters?

The side of the square is equal to the diameter of the circle, in this case 2a so the perimeter is 8a cm.

What is the perimeter of a three quarter circle?

I believe 270 because a circle's perimeter is 360 so if you divide it by 0.75, you get 270.

How many quarter circles equals a whole circle?


What is the perimeter of a circle 3 ft by 8 ft?

You don't get circles that shape...

How many quarter circles equal a whole circle?


How it will come the perimeter of a quarter circle?

It is a 90 degree turn or circumference/4

What happens if you double the diameter of a circle?

You get 2 circles of diameter. If you were trying to find a perimeter, Never double the diameter. If you have a radius, You have to double it to get a perimeter.

Do concentric circles have the same circles?

No. You can only define a circle by radius, diameter, area, perimeter. Concentric circles have the same centre, therefore, if they were the same circles with the same radius, then they would all lie on top of each other and be effectively one circle.

What is a part of the circumference of a circle called?

Circumference is a special name for a circles perimeter. I think the answer you are looking for is radious.

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