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Expression: -x^3 -x^2 -2x +1
Divided by: -x +1
Result: x^2 +2x +4 with a remainder of -3
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The remainder is -1.

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Q: What is the remainder when the expession of -x powered by 3 -x squared -2x plus 1 is divided by -x plus1?
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What is x squared plus x -42?

It is a quadratic expession and when factored is: (x-6)(x+7).

What is the quotient and remainder when 6x cubed plus 29x squared -40x -42 is divided by 6x plus 5?

6x3+29x2-40x-42 divided by 6x+5 Quotient: x2+4x-10 Remainder: 8

What is the quotient and remainder if any when -x cubed -x squared -2x plus 1 is divided by -x plus 1?

The quotient works out as: x^2+2x+4 and there is a remainder of -3

Is squared and power the same thing?

Yes squared and powered are the same thing.

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how do you symplify 3a squared divided by 3a squared?


Which graph shows the inequality x squared divided by 2 squared minus y squared divided by 2 squared greater than or equal to 1?

None of the graphs that I can see!

What is b squared divided by b squared?

When any number is divided by itself, the quotient is always ' 1 ' exactly.

What does 32cdsquared-8d divided by 4d?

12c squared d squared

What is 4 cubed divided by 2 squared?


What are units squared divided by units?

Imagine 4squared (16) divided by 4 (4). Therefore units squared divided by units would be units.

What is 136 divided by 62 inches squared?


How do you write 4 squared divided by 2?


What is the remainder when 15t2 squared minus t minus15t plus 3?

15t2 squared-t-15t+3=15t squared-14t+3

What is 28x squared divided by 7x squared?


What does zero squared divided by zero squared equal is it one or undefined?


What is 2x squared divided by x squared?


What is Sin squared x - Cos squared x divided by 1 - Tan squared x equals cos squared x?


What is 7x divided by 2x squared?


What is balls divided by scrotum?

gooch squared.

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What is 9x divided by 3x squared?


24 divided by 6 - 2 squared - 1 squared equals 9?


What equals 1 cos squared x divided by cos squared x?

1. Anything divided by itself always equals 1.

What is P squared divided by P?

P squared = P*P. When divided by P, the equation becomes (P*P/P, and the answer is "P".

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