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It is equivalent to 7/10 as a fraction

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Q: What is the value of 7 in the number 53.75 Give your answer as a fraction?
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What is the value of the number 4 in the number 23.048. give the answer in fraction?

It is 4/100.

Can you please give me an example of an irrational number and a rational number?

An irrational number cannot be written as a fraction or to an exact decimal such as the symbol for pi or the square root of two. A rational number can be written in the form of a fraction or a decimal to an exact value.

What is the formula for determining a fraction of a number?

Multiple the fraction with the number. For example, what is 1/2 of 10? 1/2 * 10 = 5.

What are two equal fractions that represent each other?

Take any fraction. Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number (not zero). That will give you a second fraction that will have the same value as the first one.

What are a list of rational numbers?

It's not possible to give you a list of them, because there are an infinite number of them. But you can create as many of them as you want. Here's how: -- Draw a fraction bar. -- Write any whole number on top of the fraction. -- Write any whole number on the bottom. -- The value of the fraction is a rational number. You can rinse and repeat all day. Have a ball !

What is the value of 5 in 4.105 give answer as a fraction?

It is 5/1000.

What is a fraction number model?

u are so dumb who will give the answer

What fraction will give you the number of 11960?

11,960 = 11960/1

Can you give a sentences with the word fraction?

She bought the coat on sale at a fraction of the original price.Is the correct answer a whole number or a fraction?

How can i present a whole as a fraction?

Simply give the value of its denominator as 1 as for example 3 = 3/1 as an improper fraction or as a 'top heavy' fraction.

What is an mixed number give examples?

a whole number with a fraction 1 and one half | 1/ | / 2

What about if the fraction is a negative number?

You need to give more context for your question. What is the situation where you find this negative number?

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What is the value of 5 in 4.105 as a fraction?

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