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0.5 is a rational number. It can also be written as 1/2

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0.499... (repeating) is one.

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Q: What rational number equals 0.5?
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Is a Rational number plus rational number equals rational number?

Yes, the sum is always rational.

What times something equals 200?

Any real, rational number times something equals 200.In every case, the something is (200)/(the real rational number) .

Why does a rational number plus an irrational number equal an irrational number?

from another wikianswers page: say that 'a' is rational, and that 'b' is irrational. assume that a + b equals a rational number, called c. so a + b = c subtract a from both sides. you get b = c - a. but c - a is a rational number subtracted from a rational number, which should equal another rational number. However, b is an irrational number in our equation, so our assumption that a + b equals a rational number must be wrong.

Can An irrational number divided by an irrational number equals a rational number?

Yes. Any irrational number can be divided by itself to produce 1, which is a rational number.

Is -4.7 a rational number?

4.7 is already a rational number. If you mean as a mixed number, this is equal to 4 7/10 or four and seven tenths.

Is 0.6 a rational number?

Yes, it equals 6/10.

Is the product of a rational number and an integer equals an integer?


Is 0.3 with a bar over it a rational number?

Yes. 0.3 with a bar over it is 1/3, which is a rational number.

Is the square root of 9 rational or irrational?

It is rational.The square root of 9 is 3 and it is a rational number

Can the denominator of a rational number be used as any integer?

No. 3/(1/7) is a rational number. However, (1/7) cannot be used as an integer. Incidentally, the number equals 21.

When the product of two irrational numbers equals a rational number then what are the factors called?

They are called conjugates.

Is there a multiplicative identity n such that a times n equals a for any rational number a?

n = 1