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The two (not tow) numbers with a sum of 12 and a quotient (not quotation) of 3 are 9 and 3.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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9 and 3

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Q: What tow numbers have a sum of 12and quotation of 3?
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What do you call the answer of adding tow numbers?

A sum.

The LCM of tow numbers is 48Their sum is 19?

The numbers are 3 and 16.

What two numbers have a sum of 15 and a difference of 1 what are the tow numbers?

7 and 8

When you subtraction tow numbers?

Subtracting two numbers is finding their difference.

What tow numbers you time to get 56?

7 and 8

Is the product of tow prime numbers always even yes or no?


What tow numbers can give you 17?

9 and 8 if you add them.

Suppose you roll tow dice Find the probability of rolling a sum of 8?


Is the product of tow numbers is greater than either number?

Not always.

What tow numbers greatest common factor 9?

9 and 18

What is the first step in finding LCM of tow or more numbers?

Factor them.

What are the two numbers which differ by two?

Every tow consecutive odd or even numbers differ by two.

What tow numbers that multiply to 45 and add up to 18?


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What is the product of 3 numbers us 96 tow of the numbers are 8 and 3 what is the other?

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When is the LCM the product of tow numbers?

When the numbers are co-prime, ie have no common factor. Simplest example is 2 & 3 whose LCM is 6

What is the GCF of tow numbers when one number is a multiple of the other Give an example?

12 16 = GCF

What is the sum of the digits of an odd tow-digits prime number is 11 the tens digit is geater than the ones digits what is the number?


What is the sum of the digits of an odd tow-digits prime number is 11 the tens digit is greater than the ones digits what is the number?


Tow numbers multiplied to get 240?

240 and 1, 24 and 10, 2.4x100, -1 x -240 etc

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