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165 + 165 = 330

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115 + 115 = 330.

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Q: What two same numbers equal 330 in addition with sentences to make them equal?
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Make sentences with equal and strawberries?

The taste of hothouse strawberries can never equal that of wild.

What numbers make 82 in addition?


What are two consecutive numbers equal to 406?

Addition of two consecutive positive integers will always make an odd number. Therefore, this is an impossible sum.

How do you make numbers 1-9 equal 100 by using only addition?

For example, by adding 1 + 1 + 1 ... (a total of 100 times).

Is this the right spelling of how to spell addition?

Addition is the correct spelling.Some example sentences are:In addition to this, we have a new problem to solve.The addition of extra iron in his diet seemed to make him feel better.

Why does the fact family for 81 and 9 have only two number sentences and how does this make a difference?

because you need 3 different numbers for 4 sentences

What are four consecutive odd numbers that equal thirteen?

2 odd numbers added together equal an event number. to even numbers added together equal an even number. it is impossible to make 4 odd numbers equal an even.

When two numbers you add together are switched to make a new equation what is this called?

It is called the commutativity of addition of numbers.

A stable atom has equal numbers of?

Having an equal number of anything does not make an atom stable.

How can you make 10 when adding 8 5?

Carry out the addition in base 13 numbers.

What two numbers make 25 for addition?

How about 20+5 = 25 as one example

What numbers equal up to 53?

5 and 3 make 53.

What two equal numbers make 105?

52.5, when added together.

How can you make the numbers 4468 equal 24?

You divide it by 186.166666666667 and you get 24! :)

When spouses independently make equal numbers of decision abut the purchases of products they are said to be acting?

When spouses independently make equal numbers of decisions about product purchases, they are said to be acting authonomic.

Make five sentences with the word you?

make five sentences with word you

Numbers 0-9 once to make three separate addition problems in succession?


The result will have a positive sign whenever two numbers that have the same sign are?

There is no straightforward answer to the question - such as it is! Incomplete sentences followed by a question mark do not make a question. Also, the answer, if there is any, will depend on the mathematical operation - addition, subtractions, multiplication, division, exponentiation etc.

What are 3 prime numbers that make 24389?

I'm not sure what you mean by make..whether it's addition or multiplication. If you're talking about addition, three numbers that could make 24,389 are: 17, 13, and 24359 If you're talking about multiplication, 29 x 29 x 29 = 24,389.

Can someone make you sentences with the following words?

The sentences you make, someone can follow with words

What to numbers multiplied together make 13?

There are no two WHOLE NUMBERS that equal 13 besides the obvious 1 & 13.

Which two square numbers add toghether to make 10?

The two numbers in question are 1 and 9. 1 is equal to 1 squared, and 9 is equal to 3 squared.

How do you make the numbers 1-9 equal 2012?

1234 - 5 - 6 + 789

What two equal numbers make 54?

27 + 27

If 2 numbers are added to make 0 if none of the numbers are 0 what could the numbers be?

Any two positive and negative numbers of equal value would equal zero, for example -2 + 2 = 0 or -937 + 937 =0 and so on.