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The pony express

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Q: What was the fastest overland communication service before the telegraph?
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What was the faster overland communication service before the telegraph?

The Pony Express

What is The fastest communication channel?

Email, Telecommunication or any wireless service.

What is the definition of telegraph?

A telegraph is a way of communication by letters or notes. This is where you can send physical messages to people via postal services. Commonly referred to as mail.

The evolution of data communication system?

The evolution of data communication system is believed to have its earliest roots in Samuel Morse's 1837 exhibition of a telegraph system. By 1843, telegraph service had become adopted by the Great Western Railway, an endorsement that allowed the service to expand across the nation.

What were 3 things the pony express did for us?

The Pony Express was an important mail service, it made communication easier, and it was also replaced by the telegraph.

What was the Overland Mail Service?

pony express

What was the overland mail act?

The Overland Mail Act was when the congress stopped the deliver of mail by the stagecoach service Butterfield Overland Mail Trail.

What is the population of United Communication Service?

United Communication Service's population is 27.

What was the overland mail service called that ran between Missouri and California in 1860 and 1861?

The Butterfield Overland Mail Trail, also known as the Oxbow Route, the Butterfield Overland Stage, or the Butterfield Stage.

When was United Communication Service created?

United Communication Service was created on 2003-07-12.

Why Populists argued that services such as telephone and telegraph service?

Should be affordable to everyone

What is the fastest tennis service returned?


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