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Providing of course that a sample is representative of the population from which it is drawn, the bigger it is the more likely it will be to lead to a valid conclusion.

Therefore, the best sample size when there are no restrictions, as in this case, would be one of 1000.

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Q: Which sample size out of a population of 1000 is most likely to lead to a valid conclusion?
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What are the disadvantages of non probability sampling?

It is quite likely that the sample is not representative of the population and so while statistical conclusion may be valid for the sample, they may not apply to the population.

Which sample size out of a population of 1,000 is most likely to lead to a valid conclusion50150200100?


Which conditions may be met for a scientifically valid sample?

at random to represent the population

Why is obtaining a representative sample important?

Many statistical statements for a population which are based on a sample are not valid if the sample is not representative.

In reasoning the conclusion derived from the premise is likely to be valid but is not necessarily so?


What does it mean to say that the sample variance provides an unbiased estimate of the population variance?

It means you can take a measure of the variance of the sample and expect that result to be consistent for the entire population, and the sample is a valid representation for/of the population and does not influence that measure of the population.

What is a valid conclusion?

A valid conclusion is when your conclusion is written using the text you have and get it right.

Is a biased sample always valid?

a biased sample is valid determin

What does valid conclusion mean?

A valid conclusion is an accurate answer which sums up the whole of the topic.

You want to do a survey on how religious people are in your town What do you need to have a valid scientific sample?

random sample of the town's population apex- (; A mix of participants that reflect your town's makeup

A valid argument can have a false conclusion True or False?

True. A valid argument can have a false conclusion if the premises logically lead to that conclusion even though it is not true. Validity in logic refers to the structure of the argument, regardless of the truth or falsity of the premises or conclusion.

What is a valid conclusion based kn the information presented in the graphs?

a valid conclusion based on the information in the graph is that