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All sorts of polygons can create tessellations. See attached link for some examples: http://

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All sorts of polygons can create tessellations. See attached link for some examples.

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Q: Which set of polygons will create a tessellation?
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What is used to create a regular tessellation?

The only shapes which can be used for a regular tessellation are:An equilateral triangle,A squareA regular hexagon.There are also non-regular polygons as well as shapes which are not polygons which can tessellate

What best describe a semi regular tessellation?

A tessellation that uses more than one type of regular polygon

What tessellation is formed by using regular polygons?

A regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation or none.

What is a regualr tessellation?

A regular tessellation is when polygons are joined together leaving no gaps or overlaps

A regular tessellation is a tessellation which uses regular polygons to cover a surface completely?


How do you classify the polygons that are used to create each tessellation?

There are regular polygons (with 3, 4 and 6 sides).There are irregular convex polygons (with 3, 4, 5 or 6 sides). There are [irregular] concave polygons with various numbers of sides.

Which polygons do not tessellate?

Pentagons, decagons, and octagons will not tessellate. In order to create a tessellation, the sum of the angles at a point must be 360.

Why do tessellations have to be used with only polygons?

All shapes have to be polygons, because there is no shape that has 1 or 2 sides. A tessellation has to be a shape, so that it can be repeated. Its not going to be much of a tessellation if its a line.. lol.. that isn't a tessellation

What regular polygons can be put in a tessellation?

Regular polygons with 3, 4 or 6 sides.

What is the tessellation that uses more than one kind of regular polygons?

It is a semi-regular tessellation.

What is a semi- regular tessellation?

Semi-regular tessellation is a tessellation of the plane by 2 or more different convex regular polygons. A semi-regular tessellation combines two or more regular polygons. Each semi-regular tessellation has a tupelo, which designates what kind of regular polygon is used.

Which polygon will not tessellate a plane?

Most regular polygons will not - by themselves. In fact, of the regular polygons, only a triangle, square and hexagon will. No other regular polygon will create a regular tessellation.

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