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A pie or a stacked bar.

A pie or a stacked bar.

A pie or a stacked bar.

A pie or a stacked bar.

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A pie or a stacked bar.

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Q: Which type of graph makes it easy to see that Oxygen is roughly one-half the total?
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Can Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen be found in air?

Oxygen makes up roughly 20% of the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide makes up 0.035% of the atmosphere.

What is the percentage volume of nitrogen?

Nitrogen makes up roughly 80% of Earth's atmosphere (Oxygen makes up most of the remainder).

What makes up one fifth of the air?

Oxygen makes up roughly 21% of our atmosphere. Nitrogen is the dominant gas in our atmosphere (roughly 78%). The remaining 1% is comprised of carbon dioxide and other trace gases.

About how much oxygen is in inhaled air?

Oxygen makes up about 20% of the atmosphere and is the second most abundant element in the air. Nitrogen is the most abundant component at roughly 78%. Water (H2O) makes up roughly 2 - 4%. The rest are trace gases of less than 1%.

What is a graph key in math?

a graph key is when one end of the graph goes into a nother graph and makes baby graphs.

Which elements are in the substance that makes up 60 percent of the humans body?

Hydrogen and oxygen are the two elements that comprise water (H2O), which makes up roughly 60% of the human body.

What makes a graph misleading?

No titles or axis' No numbers Or making the graph difficult to read

What makes a climate graph useful?

There are a few different things that will make a climate graph more useful. Having data for a long period of time makes this graph very useful.

What makes up most of the oxygen in the atmosphere?

Oxygen makes up all of the oxygen in the atmosphere.

What chemical makes up coal?

Carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Carbon accounts for roughly between 60% to 90% according to the type of coal.

Hunger makes itself known roughly hours after eating?

Makes itself known roughly 4 to 6 hours after eating

Is there more hydrogen than oxygen in the air?

There is, for all practical purposes, no hydrogen in the Earth's atmosphere (somewhere around 50 parts per million). Oxygen makes up roughly 1/5 of the atmosphere.So, no. There is much more oxygen than hydrogen in the air.

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