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No titles or axis' No numbers Or making the graph difficult to read

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Q: What makes a graph misleading?
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Related questions

What mean graph misleading?

A graph that leads you to think something else

How do you make a misleading bar graph?

Make graph votes like 4 votes apart

What do misleading graphs contain?

They usually contain a "break" in the graph, which would be on the left side of the graph.

Could lead to a misleading graph?

Incorrectly plotted points.

How should a misleading graph be drawn to make it clearer?

label the axises

What does the origin in a misleading line graph mean?

it means to write everything in wrong answers

What is a misleading graph?

A misleading graph is when a graph provides only part of the information, or displays comparisons that are not based on all of the information. For example, a fiscal graph for a city may show a reduction in sales tax rates, but may not indicate that the decline was more than matched by an increase in other taxes (such as a franchise tax) on the same retail operations.

What might be used to make a graph misleading?

Don't make graphs misleading!As for the answer: different scales, leaving out points, drawing extra lines with no meaning, confusing labels, ...Most graphs you see online are misleading, few are really good.

How could a line graph be misleading?

It could skip numbers, such as if you are counting by 3's (3,6,9,12,15) then it could have wrong numbers, and there could also be other misleading stuff too. +++ It could be misleading if the values themselves are incorrect, or if the line is a best-fit trace drawn erroneously, perhaps on a graph of points that genuinely do not really follow a discreet numerical law.

What is a graph key in math?

a graph key is when one end of the graph goes into a nother graph and makes baby graphs.

What is the purpose of a misleading graph?

It is used to trick people into believing that something is fine or not fine. Either for own personal gain or advancement in some field for investment. Its a lie, not true, not accurate, misleading.

What makes a climate graph useful?

There are a few different things that will make a climate graph more useful. Having data for a long period of time makes this graph very useful.

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