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Burnley are way better than Blackburn rovers

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burnley have won more games vs blackburn than blackburn have vs burnley, historically blackburn are better but now burnley are

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Q: Who is Better Blackburn Or Burnley?
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How old is burnley?

not that big, its just a small town in Blackburn.

Has blackburn maternity moved to burnley hospital?

they are making a midwife centre in blackburn so all normal deliverys can still go ahead in blackburn but they are moving all c sections and higher risk births to burnley.

When did burnley last beat blackburn?

boxing day 1979

Which player has played for Manchester united blackburn and burnley?

Andrew "Andy" Cole.

Where will blackburn come in the premiership?

1st!Doubt it probably mid-table hopefully bottom, (yes I'm a burnley fan!)

Will blackburn rovers get relegated?

there is a possibility that blackburn rovers will get relegated such as with plenty others e.g (burnley got relegated unexpectidly). Unfortunately yes, it is 2-0 against blackpool a game they must win

How many teams starting with b have been in premiership?

blackpool burnley bradford city bolton wanders barnsley birmingham city blackburn rovers

Smallest league football stadiumin England?

accrington Stanley play at the crown ground which only holds 5057 which makes it the smallest in the football league

Are arsenal better than burnley?

yes, with their eyes closed!

Which football teams started first football league?

Aston villa,west brom,wolves,everton,accrington Stanley,derby,Preston,burnley,stoke,Bolton,blackburn rovers and notts county

Has Arsenal beat Blackburn More times than they ave beat them?

yes arsenal has been a better team this year and has beat blackburn more times then blackburn has beaten arsenal. Blackburn has lost a lot of their concentraction and has been playing as well this year.

Is man united better than blackburn rovers?

Manchester United is better any day.