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The identity property of multiplication is sometimes called the one property of multiplication because it involves the number one. Any number times one equals the original number.

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Because the identity ELEMENT of ordinary multiplication is 1.

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Q: Why do you think the identity property of multiplication is sometimes called the one property of multiplication?
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What is multiplication property of one?

It is called Identity Property of Multiplication

What is the identity property of one?

In multiplication, when you multiply a number by 1, and you have the same number, that's called the identity property of one.

What is an example of a identity property of multiplication?

The identity property of multiplication, also called the multiplication property of one says that a number does not change when that number is multiplied by 1.Examples3 × 1 = 310 × 1 = 106 × 1 = 668 × 1 = 681 × 4 = 41 × -9 = - 9x × 1 = x(a + b) × 1 = a + b

What is 0 and 1 in identity property?

0 and 1 are both identity element. 0 is the identity element of addition and its called addend while 1 is the identity element of multiplication it is called factor it can be neither multiplier nor multiplicand.

The number one is called the what identity?

One is the multiplicative identity or the identity of/for multiplication.

Why is the commutative property of multiplication sometimes called the order property?

The commutative property states that a x b = b x a that is, the order does not matter. In some respects, perhaps it should be called the non-order property.

What is the identity property in math?

The identity property exists only in the context of a set (such as integers or rationals or reals) AND a binary operator (such as multiplication or addition).The identity property of a set with the binary operation # states that there is a unique element in the set, called the identity which is denoted by i, such thatx # i = i # x = x for all elements x is the set.In the sets mentioned above,the additive identity is 0;the multiplicative identity is 1.

What math property is 15x15?

It is not a property. It is the binary operation called multiplication.

Which property of multiplication allows you to switch the order of the factors?

It is called the commutative property.

What is the zero property of multiplication called?

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1X88 is an example of what property?

The Identity Property, Multiplicative Identity I think it's called... the Additive Identity Property is the number 0... asi: 0+88.

What is the multiplication property of 1 x 4 equals 4?

It's the concept of multiplicative identity, also called unity: for any number N, N x 1 = N.