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Q: A sample average can be used to estimate a population average precision if the sample is?
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The precision with which a sample average approximates a population average increases as?

the standard deviation of the sample decreases.

How large would your sample have to be for appropriate estimation of the whole population?

First you have chose an estimator for what you want to know about the population. In general the level of variability in the result that any estimator provides will depend on the variability in the population. Therefore, the greater the variability in the population the larger your sample size must be. You will also need to decide how much precision is required in your estimate. The more precision you require the greater your sample size will have to be.

When can you estimate a population's size when counting individuals in a sample of the population?

You can estimate a population's size when counting individuals if the density in a sample is greater than the population density.

Differentiate estimate and estimator?

It can get a bit confusing! The estimate is the value obtained from a sample. The estimator, as used in statistics, is the method used. There's one more, the estimand, which is the population parameter. If we have an unbiased estimator, then after sampling many times, or with a large sample, we should have an estimate which is close to the estimand. I will give you an example. I have a sample of 5 numbers and I take the average. The estimator is taking the average of the sample. It is the estimator of the mean of the population. The average = 4 (for example), this is my estmate.

What is the difference between the sample of the population and the average of the population?

A sample of a population is a subset of the population. The average of the population is a statistical measure for some variable of the population.

Is the sample mean a point estimate of the population mean?

A point estimate of a population parameter is a single value of a statistic. For example, the sample mean x is a point estimate of the population mean μ. Similarly, the sample proportion p is a point estimate of the population proportion P.

What happens if you estimate population standard deviation with the sample standard deviation?

Not a lot. After all, the sample sd is an estimate for the population sd.

What is the relationship between sample statistic and population parameter?

A sample statistic uses a smaller group, or sample, from the larger population. In this manner, a sample statistic seeks to estimate a population parameter.

Why is it so important to have a representative sample?

If the sample is not representative of the population, then the characteristics of the sample are not the characteristics of the population. Example: If I want to estimate the percentage of the population that are men, and my sample is the school's football team, my estimate would be that 100% of the population is comprised of men. What went wrong with my survey ? Simple. The football team is not a representative sample of the population, at least not as regards gender.

Does a random largely selected sample always give a better estimate of the population than a randomly selected sample?

A larger random sample will always give a better estimate of a population parameter than a smaller random sample.

A sample mean is the best point estimate of the?

he population mean

What is the difference between calculating the sample mean and the population mean?

You calculate the actual sample mean, and from that number, you then estimate the probable mean (or the range) of the population from which that sample was drawn.

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