Derivation of sampling theorem

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Q: Derivation of sampling theorem
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Statement of sampling theorem?

sampling theorem is used to know about sample signal.

State sampling theorem?

sampling theorem is defined as , the sampling frequency should be greater than or equal to 2*maximum frequency, and the frequency should be bounded.. i,e fs=2*fmax where fs= sampling frequency

Derivation of bernoulis theorem?

applied in making of aeroplane wings

What does the central limit theorem say about the shape of the sampling distribution of?

The central limit theorem can be used to determine the shape of a sampling distribution in which of the following scenarios?

Is Nyquist theorem true for optical fiber?

I cannot see where the Nyquist theorem relates to cables, fiber or not.The theorem I know, the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, talks about the limitations in sampling a continuous (analog) signal at discrete intervals to turn it into digital form.An optical fiber or other cable merely transport bits, there is no analog/digital conversion and no sampling taking place.

Why you are using sampling theorem in communication systems?

sampling is a one type of process use for converting into analog signal to digital signal.

The mean of a sampling distribution is equal to the mean of the underlying population?

This is the Central Limit Theorem.

What does Sampling Theorem refer to?

Sampling Theorum is related to signal processing and telecommunications. Sampling is the process of converting a signal into a numeric sequence. The sampling theorum gives you a rule using DT signals to transmit or receive information accurately.

What name do you give to the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of sample means?

the central limit theorem

What Steps to take when selecting a suitable sampling frequency?

The Nyquist Theorem says that the sampling frequency should be twice the bandwidth to avoid aliasing. Thus if the bandwidth of the system is bw then the sampling frequency f=2*bw.

Geometrical meaning of derivation?

the process of deducing a new formula, theorem, etc., from previously accepted statements. • a sequence of statements showing that a formula, theorem, etc., is a consequence of previously accepted statements.

Explane burnaoli theoremand its derivation?

I believe what you are asking for is: "Explain Bernoulli's theorem. I can't help much, but it does have to do with the Law of Large Numbers.

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