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Asymmetric is the opposite of symmetric

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Q: Difference between symmetrical and assymetrical data of statistics?
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Difference between variable and constant in statistics?

When referring to statistics, variable means that numbers change and can go up and down. If something is constant, numbers remain unchanged.

What is the difference between strata and blocks in statistics?

Blocking is more for experimental design while strata is for survey sampling.

What the difference between statistics as numerical facts and statistics as a discipline or field of study?

Statistics as a numerical facts are data collected and organised numerically, whilst Statistic as a discipline or field of study which involves collecting, organizing, summarizing and presenting of data.

What is class size in statistics?

The difference between the upper and the lower limit and we must add + 01 for that difference ..that is called a class size or widthex:-lower class limit = 10upper class limit = 20(20-10) + 1 = 11the answer is = 11

What the difference between statistic as numerical fact and statistics as a discipline?

A statistic (as a numerical fact) is a value taken from a sample of a population. For example a summary of a political poll would produce many numerical statistics. Statistics as a discipline involves creating and carrying out sampling designs, knowing how to analyze data, creating mathematical models for different processes, predicting future results, and optimizing systems. That is why statistics can by applied to any other field of study, any time you have to research, prove, or improve something the discipline of statistics is very valuable.

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What is the difference between statistics and parameter?

What is the difference between statistics and parameter

What is the difference between arithmetic mean and mode?

The mean, median, and mode are all measures of central tendency. For symmetrical distributions they all have the same value. For assymetrical distributions they have different values. The mean is the average and the mode is the most likely value.

Difference between unsymmetrical and symmetrical bending?

unsymmetrical bending

What is the difference between symmetry and approximate symmetry?

Approximate Symmetry is approximately symmetrical. Regular Symmetry is Symmetrical for sure.

What is the difference between unsymmetrical fault and asymmetrical faults?

What is the difference between symmetrical and active fault.asymmetrical and passive fault.

What is the difference between symmetrical numbers and numbers with symmetry?

There is no difference because watch this ... 3 0

How can you tell if a shape is symmetrical?

It is equal on both sides so there is no difference between the sides !!

What is the difference between inclusive of and exclusive in?

data classification in statistics

What does the F statistics tell you?

The difference between two variances

What is the difference between direct and indirect correlation in statistics?


Difference between wings of bat birds and butterfly?

The main difference between bat wings and butterfly wings are that a butterflies wings are symmetrical and a bats wings are not.

What is the difference between class intervals and class width in statistics?


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