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Q: Does great speed increases the probability of injury in a crash?
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What is the probability that a paternity test will be correct?

As part of a paternity test it includes a probability value to determine the probability that the man in question is biological father or not. If the probability value is 99.99% and the mother, child and man in question have all been tested then the man is the father. If it is less than that then the man is not the father. It is impossible to get a probability value of 100% unless every man in the world were tested. As it stands a paternity test is as accurate as its probability value. Therefore a paternity test with a probability value of 99.99% has a 99.99% chance of being correct. A paternity test is very accurate and does a great job of showing a childs genetic parents. The test is 99.9% accurate.

Is p value a descriptive statistic?

No, it is not. A descriptive statistic is a measure such as mean, standard deviation etc., computed from a set of observations. A p value is something that is obtained by computing a test statistic (using a formula which may involve mean, variance etc.,) and finding the probability of obtaining a value as great as or greater than the one actually obtained. In other words, a p value is a probability and must lie between 0 and 1 whereas a descriptive statistic is not a probability. It is just a number used to describe a specific characteristic of a set of sata.

What is the probability of a boys basketball making it into the hoop versus a girls ball?

well, i play basket ball and to tell you the truth, it's 50 50 on that. But that's if the players have had the same amount of experience. Boys and girls are both great at sinking' hoops.

The probability of getting hurt is more when a man jumps from a significant height why?

As the potential energy is directly proportional to the height.Its gains more potential energy and when he falls from the great height due to its potential energy convert into kinetic energy so he gets hurt.

What percentage of tornadoes occur in the Great Plains?

70% U.S tornadoes occur in the Great Plains.

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How can you use the word great crash in a sentence?

The economy suffered a great crash in the recession.The was a great crash from the other room.

Why did the Great Crash represent a hallmark in the U.S. business cycle?

The Great Crash signaled a severe contraction of the economy.

What was other names for the stock market crash?

It was known as the Crash of '29, Black Thursday, Black Monday, Black Tuesday.The nickname for the stock market crash is called Black Tuesday. This led to the Great Depression and happened in 1929.

Why did the great crash represent hallmark in the us business cycle?

The Great Crash signaled a severe contraction of the economy.

When did Great Heck Rail Crash happen?

Great Heck Rail Crash happened on 2001-02-28.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Great Euro Crash - 2012?

The cast of The Great Euro Crash - 2012 includes: Robert Peston

What crash led up to the great depression?

Though there were smaller underlying causes, the big crash would be the Stock Market crash of 1929.

In what year did the stock market crash?

If you're referring to the crash that spawned the Great Depression, it was 1929.

What event was the catalyst of the Great Depression?

Stock Market Crash

A 60 crash is as great as a 30mph crash?

A lot, lot worse than a 30 mph crash, as the crashing object will take longer to stop.

What was a market during the great depression?

There was a Msrjet Crash during the great depression.

What building did the great glass elevator crash into?