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No, the midpoint is the result of adding the upper and lower limits in a class and dividing that by 2. Essentially the mid point is the average of the two limits.

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Q: Does the midpoint of a frequency distribution class equal the sum of the lower and upper limits?
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What is the difference between stated and real class limits?

Real Class Limits are the class intervals of a frequency distribution when stated as in continuous categories. ie. 18.5-19.5, 20.7-34.7 Stated Class Limits are the class intervals of a frequency distribution when stated as discrete categories. ie. 19-21, 23-25

The following frequency distribution analyzes the scores on a math test. Find the class midpoint of scores interval 40 and ndash59.?


How is a frequency distribution converted to a relative frequency distribution?

The relative frequency of a class is the frequency of the class divided by the total number of frequencies of the class and is generally expresses as a percentage.

In a frequency distribution what is the number of observation in a class called?

Class Frequency

What is a 'crude mode'?

Crude Mode (Grouped data) is the midpoint of the class limit with the highest frequency. Therefore, in getting the Crude Mode, look for the highest frequency and look at it's class limit. Lastly, get he class limit's midpoint. The Class Limit's midpoint will be the Crude Mode (Grouped Data).

What is the definition for class width?

Statistics: The distance between lower or upper limits of consecutive classes. Ex - The class width in the frequency distribution shown is 6 - 1= 5

Open ended class within the frequency distribution?

If, in a frequency distribution, the initial class interval is indeterminate at its beginning and/or the final class interval is indeterminate at its end, the distribution is said to possess "open ended" classes.

What is the definition of the number of occurrences in a class?

Frequency Distribution

Does a simple frequency distribution provides the frequency of responses for each class interval?


What are the parts of a frequency distribution table?

In a frequency distribution table, there are usually five parts/columns (12th grade statistics):class, frequency, mid-point, relative frequency, and cumulative frequency.

What are the components used in the frequency distribution?

class limit. class boundary. class mark. class widh.

When drawing frequency distribution histograms what does it mean when the distribution is broken?

A histogram is "a representation of a frequency distribution by means of rectangles whose widths represent class intervals and whose areas are proportional to the corresponding frequencies.Broken distribution means that no data point falls in that class.

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