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You get a black card by drawing it.

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Q: How do you get a black card?
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Does Chris Brown have a black card?

Not "THE BLACK CARD" probably a silly Visa card

Ar code for black trainers card for diamond?

black trainers card?

Is the American Express Centurion also known as the Black card?

The Centurion card is also known as the black card but that is more the informal name of the card. The Centurion card was released in 1999 and is often still referred to as the black card.

What is the drawing of a black card from a pack as fraction?

The drawing of a black card is a process, not a fraction.

What Pokemon card do you get when you have all the unown?

you have a black card

What do you do with the black widows key card?

You have to put it in the card scanner next to the door to where black widow is :)

Where can one get a black credit card?

A Centurion card, also known as a black card, informally, is a charge card issued by American Express. Other companies will also offer black credit cards, as well.

Code for 'Magician of Black Chaos'?

Magician of Black Chaos does not have a card code at the bottom left of his card.

Is a black Macy's card better than a platinum card?

a platinum card is better.

Given a standard deck of card. What is the probability of drawing a black face card given that the card you have drawn is black?

It is 6/26 = 3/13

How do you get the black card on Great pumpkin island?

There is no black card. Someone was using a black card to avoid being distracted by Snoopy's antics during the piano game. Users will probably not need to do this.

What is the probability of getting a black face card?

There are 6 black face card in a deck of 52 cards, so the probability of getting a black face card is 6/52 = 3/26

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